Redwood House

Why are Mike and Megan getting married in the middle of the far-off countryside? Because that’s the location of Redwood House…

Redwood House has been in Mike’s family since before he was born — and it’s always been his favorite place on Earth.

Redwood House’s four and a half acres were purchased by his grandparents, Les and Freda Hanelt, in 1948. The house was built in 1968, and then updated, re-built, and continuously improved upon since. It’s been featured in Sunset Magazine, and hosts all kinds of community events.

In the dark ages before wifi and cell reception, Mike and his sister Jessica spent many blissful summer days swimming in the creek, playing in the treehouse, and hiking to their uncle Peter’s cabin. During high school and college, Redwood House was the setting for dozens of Mike’s movie projects that he forced his friends to be in (when they weren’t being distracted by his mom’s endless delicious snacks).

Current residents include: Valerie (Mike’s mother), Hans (his step-dad), Rip (a one-eared raccoon), and a bevy of friendly woodland creatures.

Address: 20710 Hwy 128, Yorkville, CA 95494