Panel 1

Character profiles

Let’s meet our main characters…


Megan [35, manic pixie dream girl-type] was born and raised in LA. She spent her childhood attempting to read every book in her parents’ library, writing alone, performing musicals alone, and binge-watching Comedy Central alone. Basically solidifying her life-long position as a total nerd.

After graduating from USC (yes, this is a house divided situation) and not knowing what to do with her Literature degree, she started blogging for fun. Blogging miraculously turned into a career! And now she gets paid to dork out about offbeat lifestyles and awesome weddings!

Megan’s spent most of her adult life living behind a porn shop in West Hollywood, being in long-term relationships, writing, taking photos, not cooking, and being the happy precocious nerd she was born to be.


Mike [42, LA writer-type] grew up all over California. He spent his summers at Redwood House, losing his social skills and pretending he was on Endor. He tried not to be a dork, but juggling and making video movies with his friends didn’t help. After graduating UCLA (the best university in the world), he spent a Long Dark Period (his twenties) writing screenplays and transferring his debt between credit cards (the juggling skills paid off!).

Finally, he landed on a TV show called Burn Notice, blew up a wide variety of vehicles in Miami (mostly for the show), bought a nice house in LA, and went on a thousand first dates.

Mike’s friends and family were deeply skeptical that he would ever settle down, but he insisted that he was looking for love. He was right. This wedding is his chance to rub that fact in their faces.

Panel 2

The Mike and Megan story…

The Meet Cute

On a Sunday night in April 2015, Mike’s friend David Fickas was producing a Game of Thrones viewing and podcast, and Megan’s friend Ken Napzok was hosting said podcast.

Mike and Megan both happened to show up early. Megan couldn’t help but notice that Mike was really funny. Mike couldn’t help notice that Megan was female. When their friends left to pick up dinner, they struck up a flirty conversation.

As the night went on, and their friends did the podcast, Mike and Megan sat in the dark, watching and whispering together. It became clear to everyone in the room, that there was something going on between them. Well… maybe not something yet. Mike snuck out early to go on a first date (her name has been lost to history).

The Conflict

For a week or so, Mike tried not to date Megan, because even though she seemed amazing… she was recently divorced, and he didn’t want to have his heart broken. But they traded texts around the clock, and finally made plans to grab a drink “as friends.”

The Hook

Over a couple glasses of wine, Mike tried his best to keep Megan in The Friend Zone. Which was why she was completely shocked when Mike kissed her — in a more-than-friendly way — as they said their goodbyes. And after that fateful kiss on the corner of Willoughby and Gardner, Mike abandoned the Friend Zone plan.

The Happy Ending

Mike and Megan’s mutual love of food, writing, walking, television, music, and food led to the easiest and best relationship of their lives. They soon met and enjoyed each other’s families. They traveled to a bunch of continents together. And after waiting for a very long and amazing year, Mike proposed to Megan on a little island off the coast of Washington. Somehow, it was sort of a surprise.

Mike declares that as long as Megan admits that pork is amazing, they’ll get married on June 24, 2017. Megan says they’ll be getting married on June 24, 2017 despite Mike’s obsession with pig meat.

Panel 3

Cut to: The Redwood Wedding Weekend

All the wedding weekend info you need…

The Welcome Party

Date: Friday, June 23, 2017
Time: 8:30pm
Location: The Boonville Hotel

Megan’s parents Allen and Laura Tharpe are excited to welcome you to the wedding weekend! Please join us at the Boonville Hotel for drinks, desserts, and lots of hugs.

The Redwood Wedding

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017
Times: Cocktail hour @ 4pm Ceremony @ 5:30 Reception @ 6
Location: Redwood House Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, California
Hashtag: #TheRedwoodWedding (make sure to include the “the”)
Dress code:Califormal

It’s time for The Big Show — the one where Mike and Megan tie the knot. Please join us for an evening of love and laughter, dancing and drinking, and treats and geeks, where two awkward-nerds-turned-awesome-writers get married… to each other!

Day-after Brunch

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017
Time: 10:30am
Location: Redwood House

We just can’t quit you! Join us back at Redwood House for Megan’s favorite meal: brunch! We’d love to give you all one final hug as you guys head back home… or head off to taste more wine. Whatever, we won’t judge.

Panel 4

Location scouting

Find a place to stay…

Redwood House is located between two tiny towns, Boonville and Yorkville. We’ve reserved blocks of rooms in Anderson Valley and nearby Cloverdale… but accommodations are scarce, so don’t wait, click here and start booking your accommodations ASAP!

Panel 5


We hope you can all make it!

If you can’t come: We understand. But feel free to leave us a note that we can add to our guest book, and we’ll pretend you were there.

If you are coming: Please let us know these details…

  1. Your name and the names of all the people in your party (either your +1, or your partner and/or kids)
  2. How many of your kids you’ll be bringing (or use this as an excuse to party with grown-ups!)
  3. Your first thoughts on which events you’ll be attending — welcome party, wedding, and goodbye brunch (we want to know how much booze to order!)
  4. Food restrictions (we want you to eat!)
  5. Song requests (we want you to dance!)
  6. Or just tell us how much you love us (we love you too!)