The Mike and Megan story…

The Meet Cute

On a Sunday night in April 2015, Mike’s friend David Fickas was producing a Game of Thrones viewing and podcast, and Megan’s friend Ken Napzok was hosting said podcast.

Mike and Megan both happened to show up early. Megan couldn’t help but notice that Mike was really funny. Mike couldn’t help notice that Megan was female. When their friends left to pick up dinner, they struck up a flirty conversation.

As the night went on, and their friends did the podcast, Mike and Megan sat in the dark, watching and whispering together. It became clear to everyone in the room, that there was something going on between them. Well… maybe not something yet. Mike snuck out early to go on a first date (her name has been lost to history).

The Conflict

For a week or so, Mike tried not to date Megan, because even though she seemed amazing… she was recently divorced, and he didn’t want to have his heart broken. But they traded texts around the clock, and finally made plans to grab a drink “as friends.”

The Hook

Over a couple glasses of wine, Mike tried his best to keep Megan in The Friend Zone. Which was why she was completely shocked when Mike kissed her — in a more-than-friendly way — as they said their goodbyes. And after that fateful kiss on the corner of Willoughby and Gardner, Mike abandoned the Friend Zone plan.

The Happy Ending

Mike and Megan’s mutual love of food, writing, walking, television, music, and food led to the easiest and best relationship of their lives. They soon met and enjoyed each other’s families. They traveled to a bunch of continents together. And after waiting for a very long and amazing year, Mike proposed to Megan on a little island off the coast of Washington. Somehow, it was sort of a surprise.

Mike declares that as long as Megan admits that pork is amazing, they’ll get married on June 24, 2017. Megan says they’ll be getting married on June 24, 2017 despite Mike’s obsession with pig meat.